What is the shipping price?

Many customer ask a quotation without provide any information, thus its very hard to make a quotation. before you get a freight quotation, should provide at least below information

Shipping need from where to where
Goods name:
Total packages:
Dimension of each package, or total
Total weight
Shipping method: by sea, by air, by courier.. or other needs

How to ship, how to start?

To have a detailed consultation with DJcargo CS team, that we will guide you how to make a shipment, what information you should provide, and what steps you should participate

Can you ship fragile cargo?

Yes we can, and we do very frequently, but do must make a good packaging to fragile cargo before letting us handle the shipment, we will take care of the goods loading and unloading, but can not ensure any unexpected damage, so in global shipping rules there is no compensate to fragile cargo, even its insured

What is the sensitive cargo?

Sensitive cargo regard as the goods contains battery, liquid, foods..

Discrepancy is found for cargo weight and cubic meter not match the figures from shipper?

Normally, seller will send packing list and performa invoice to buyer, in side figure show the details about packaging, weight, cubic meter, quantity. our warehouse still check cargo when receive it. we would measure the actual weight and cubic meters. some time customer question about the two figures between shipper and ours. we have solution for the discrepancy, when consignee receive the cargo make a verification, then we resolve the difference according to the figure from verification