Shipping mark is using for cargo moving, loading and unload symbol, in transporation movement to provent cargo send to wrong address and wrong consignee, to make a mark on out side package is necessary. The shipping mark in International transportation is utmost important to each shipper and consignee, also forwarder rale on this mark to distinguish different cargo belong relevant customer.

In English name called “Shipping mark”

Function: instinct sight the symbol to distinguish cargo belong relevant customer

Consist of three parties for a shipping mark in our company:

Sales initial character such as our sales Cai, the initial character is “C”

Customer name, such as Andy, Sean, Jenny, or company name, REX pte ltd.

Destintion country: Singaore “SG”Malaysia “MY”Australia “AU”…etc

The right shipping mark combinet as

C-ANDY-SG          C-SEAN-SG          C-REX-SG
C-JENNY-AU         C-RICKY-MY        C-ORIA-C…… etc

Our warehouse guy can recognize the shipping mark when cargo come into our warehouse, then storage the cargo together with same shipping mark till all cargo arrived, and checklist one by one and shipping toward to destination country.

shipping mark symbol