1. Damaged or Low quality cardboard boxes.

Only use boxes with a minimum of 5 layer cardboard or plywood boxes.

2. No freight pallets

Freight pallets are not always essential, but in events where an LCL shipment is requested it is strongly recommended as a mean to the minimize risk for separation of cargo during the different stages of transportation. It could also be that the cargo is simply too heavy to be loaded and unloaded by hand.

3. Damaged or Low quality freight pallets

Freight pallets come in different dimensions, qualities and materials. Loading 5 tons of cargo on pallet made with transporting bananas in mind is rarely a good idea. A damaged freight pallet is also dangerous for the cargo itself since shards of wood or plastic easily penetrates the cardboard boxes loaded on top of it.

4. Protective plastic missing

Many products are sensitive to damp and the month long journey from China to Europe is more than enough for mold to grow and spread.

5. Use different packing materials

Many type of pallets require to use in cargo packing, many country import restriction, the goods made by wooden or packing materials is wooden need do fumigation before ship, but use some none-fumigation materials to packing is most cost effective.

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