FCL is an acronym for Full Container Loading, it's an international ISO standard referring to one (full) container load (20” or 40”) containing cargo for one consignee (one importer). FCL shipping is the cheapest mode of transportation when importing from China.

However, in order to be a viable freight option it requires the importer to purchase a relatively large quantity of products.

Advantages of FCL shipping

1. Lower price per cubic meter compared to an equivalent volume or weight of cargo shipped by Air Freight or LCL Sea Freight.

2. More convenient to optimize your quantity and export packaging to maximize the space usage inside a 20” or 40” container.

3. Higher level of security and lower risk for damages due to less handling (Loading, Temporary Storage, Unloading) of your cargo.

Disadvantages of FCL shipping

1. Not cost effective unless your cargo volume is 15 – 20 cubic meters (Equals 50 – 70% of an 20” container).

Choose a container type

15 – 28 cbm use 20 feet container

30 – 55 cbm use 40 feet container

55 - 68  cbm use 40 high feet container

fcl container loading