FCL container ship to Indonesia

①:Can send container from China all coast cities and inland cities to Indonesia (door to door)

②:Can send container through DJcargo's warehouse to Indonesia (Warehouse to door)

③:Can manage to ship freezer container to Indonesia for meat, vegetable, fruit..etc (factory to door)

④:Can handle inland railway transiting, river transiting, road transiting from inland cities to Indonesia

⑤:Can handle export customs declaration, tax refund declaration, fumigation, commercial inspection service

⑥:Can arrange container shipping to Indonesia Monday to Sunday, sea shipping lead time about 9 days

sea shipping

LCL sea shipping

LCL consolidation ship to Indonesia

①:LCL consolidation dedicated sea shipping to Indonesia from China (warehouse to door)

②:Can send LCL cargo to Indonesia from Guangzhou (save delivery cost to warehouse )

③:China warehouse at 1st floor, free receive cargo, free unload, free forklift, no entrance charges

④:Free measure cargo weight and dimension, free inspect packaging, quantities, taken picture feedback

⑤:Handle export customs works, sea freight, Indonesia import declaration, and delivery

⑥:Can do Indonesia import customs declaration under company or individual import

⑦:Frequently shipping LCL cargo to Indonesia from China. shipping lead time 20 days

Air freight and courier express to Indonesia

①:Air freight can be sent from all international airport in China to Jakarta Indonesia

②:Air freight to Indonesia handle export customs works, import customs works and Indonesia delivery

③:Air freight to Indonesia can do fumigation, commercial inspection, documentaries audit

④:Courier express can be sent by dedicated airline flight, also can arrange DHL, FedEx, UPS, EMS

⑤:Air freight, Courier express frequency Monday to Sunday flight available

air freight

Other service

  • Can make pick up cargo in domestics
  • Can pay domestics logistics fee on behalf
  • Can help to pay goods cost on behalf
  • Can collect goods cost oversea
  • Freight can be paid to Indonesia
  • Can declare the cargo under consignee’s company
  • Indonesia office can declare import for personal items
  • Can do immigration house move to Indonesia with tax duty free

China to Indonesia freight cost

China ship to Indonesia procedure

Confirm shipment

Before you assign shipment to DJcargo to handle shipping, you should have full consultation with CS, to know procedure, price, and what condition of shipper and consignee may concern, make everything confirmed, then allow DJcargo to proceed the shipment

Confirm shipping mark

When you confirmed shipment with DJcargo, We should send customer about our warehouse address and shipping mark to make goods sends from different shipper to one place, the shipping mark, which is chief important to customer and us, every customer has an unique shipping mark that makes us to divide cargo belong different customer in the form of avoiding mistake happen such as sending to wrong country or wrong person. what is the shipping mark?

shipping mark label

We should print shipping mark label sticking on outside package when we receive goods at warehouse

Send cargo to our warehouse

LCL cargo, Air freight cargo, Express courier parcel, and FCL consolidation full container sea shipping cargo must send to our warehouse or one place to be start, cause customer always buy goods from multiple suppliers, DJcargo offers a warehouse free to collect goods, its good to customers to purchase goods from different where in China, but use sole container for sea shipping, we can arrange shipping directly from shipper address.

We normally provide a full Chinese warehouse address with shipping mark to customer as below

地址:广州市白云区嘉禾新科下村麦崧头东街 4 号1楼(xxx)例如:C-ANDY-SG

Only Chinese address info is useful to domestic logistics, English uselessness

Warehouse receive the cargo

Every cargo into our warehouse should be treated inspection for packaging, measure its dimension, weight its weight, feedback to customer if cargo packaging is in bad condition.

Record information to our inventory system, you can see all the details, www.mydjcargo.com and storing to different area in warehouse waiting for next step

receive cargo


Arrange cargo ship out by chosen way, Sea shipping, Air freight, or Courier express

Different shipping mode use different handling procedure, cargo shipping through DJcargo, we would let you know every step and whole procedure

  1. Receive cargo, measure weight and dimension, confirm with customer before make shipping
  2. Arrange cargo ship out by confirmed freight method
  3. Issue invoice to collect freight
  4. Issue bill of lading
  5. Handle destination customs and delivery, if needed
    shipping container

Issue invoice to customer to collect freight payment

We normally collect freight payment after cargo is shipped out. issue detailed invoice to client to collect freight

you can pay RMB to our company account, or private account. WeChat pay, Alipay, Paypal, or pay to oversea destination