1. LCL sea shipping start with cubic meters (CBM) at least 1 cbm, less than one cbm also counted as one. and each one cbm has a weight restriction of less than 500 kg,  if overweight, i.e an one cbm cargo's weight is 800kg, the chargeable cbm should be 1.6. but some countries require that one cbm goods less than 300 kg.

so, when you want to have a roughly quotation from us, you should let us know more details about the cargo info, dimension, weight, goods name...etc.

2. Air freight cost measure for a physical shipment,  also charge a cargo's weight and cubic meter whichever bigger, for instance, 1 carton cargo, its actual weight is 15 kg, and its dimension of the length is 50 cm, the width is 50 cm, the heigh is 50 cm, as calculation, the volumetric weight is (50 x 50 x 50 )/6000 = 21 kg, if the cargo goes by courier express, (50 x 50 x 50 )/5000 = 25 kg

weight measure method