How to ship to Singapore

You want ship to Singapore from China?

You should know roughly about your cargo, and timing lead time you needed, freight methods you gonna choose, there are some question you should prepare in advance, to enquire with the freight forwarder or logistics sales representative being full counseled before conduct your shipment,

When you are going to purchase some products from one or more vendors in China, you should get some basic information from them, a form as below

Question Materials Quotation feedback
Goods name
Packaging type
Package dimension
Freight lead time
Freight method

Many customers have no any concept about their cargo info before counseling a forwarder for a freight cost, how to enforce customers to provide relevant information, DJcargo has a up to date price list (DJcargo freight price list 2023) for reference, and also have price system to check as below

DJcargo freight price system
DJcargo freight price system

How to start?

  1. I send you DJcargo warehouse address and the unique shipping mark of yours
  2. You purchase goods and let's vendor sending to DJcargo warehouse
  3. DJcargo warehouse receive the goods, checking, inspecting, and storing.  aside, you buy the goods from vendors, while you can check arrival status in DJcargo warehouse system DJcargo Inventory
  4. When all the goods arrived, we both confirm after, then DJcargo warehouse makes the cargo prepared, and ready to ship
  5. Fill a cargo list and performa invoice to djcargo CS, the information also contains consignee name, address, phone number or import company then DJcargo make the cargo ship out, and issue invoice to collect freight cost
  6. DJcargo handle destination customs declaration and delivery to receiver's address