Import shipping a container from China first, you should know the container ship from which original port in China and to which destination port in oversea country, shipper's actual address for loading, and consignee's real delivery address, goods info like packing list. provide some basic info to a forwarder to getting accurate quotation.

Loading address - POD

POA - delivery address

Packing list includes; goods name, HS code, quantities, unit price, total cubic meters, total weight

Haulage truck

warehouse load cargo

If the loading cargo take place at (exporter)shipper's warehouse or factory should pick up a container from yard to given address to loading. cost depends on distance between port yard and factory address. the loading work normally fulfill by the exporter


Customs declaration

haulage truck to port

Haulage truck container to port as long as it loaded cargo, then into customs declaration process, every container must have customs declared before ship off




After customs declaration release, then into port handling process, and file double check, confirm

ORC is as same as THC, a carrier normally charged THC, won't charge ORC again, depends on different carrier

PSS, BAF, WRS is not locked surcharge, normally depends on season, line, and different situation 

(THC),(ORC),(DOC),(SEAL),(Export, customs declaration),(Haulage truck) all these cost is under trade terms FOB, normally exporter take the cost if trade term is FOB, but its not written, contract agreement is final 


Destination charges
PSA charges
THD charges
DHC charges
DOF charges
Duty and tax
Customs clearance
Haulage truck
& other miscellaneous  

Different destination port, different carrier, different country cost are different, oversea import should counsel local import broker to get knowing actual cost, or use door to door freight forwarder to ship your goods