Our international trading and financial service covering most of your transaction settlement demand, we can help you better manage your import and export business, effectively evaluate and prevent the market risks that may be involved in the global trade process, and give you confidence in expanding your business all over the world.

With long-terms and stable strategic cooperative relations with well-known multinational banks, rely on their influence in markets around the world, our experienced practical  trade experts to provide you with solution on import and export documents, collection and financing.

Our team is familiar with the operation procedures of Customs, Foreign Economic Commission and the relevant government agencies. We have rich practical experience and problem-solving ability to deal with emergencies thru vessel capacity booking, warehousing, customer declaration, inspection application, inland transportation and trade documentation.

We provide one stop delivery management service from main export port Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Qingdao, Xiamen, Tianjin, to worldwide countries. booking SO and flight schedule, domestic haulage service, customs declaration, warehousing and taxes refund

letter of credit

DJcargo Letter of Credit Service

LC enables you to enjoy the powerful collection guarantee with good banking credit and increase the controllability of your transactions

No worry about professional skills, reduce cycle time

We provide a series of comprehensive services, including LC advice, document processing, confirmation, negotiation and convenient presentation services
LC clauses prechecking, document making, presentation and discount

LC financing solution

We offer export financing services under LC basis to satisfy your short-term case flow needs, mainly including packing loan, usance LC discount and forfaiting
DP & DA collection