Sometime customers ask why djcargo warehouse refuse to receive the goods as courier tracking status show goods failed delivery or rejected. Normally, DJcargo warehouse would never refusing to receive goods, deliver goods to djcargo warehouse no need provide any documents, no entrance fee,  we have facilities for free forklift unloading. we sign receipt and labeling cargo storing at targeted area.


Why reject goods

  1. Cargo outside packaging broken, abnormal sounds from inside packages, we would open to check.   "Reject"
  2. Check the packaging certainly broken, we would take a pictures to customer to confirm whether receive it. "Receive or Reject"  (need do repacking)
  3. Quantities is incorrect with the delivery note. "Reject"
  4. Outside packaging no shipping mark, delivery note no shipping mark as well. "Reject"  (DJcargo warehouse has many parcel no shipping mark and no customers claim ) learn what is the shipping mark
  5. Couriers spotted that the parcel has no shipping mark outside packages and delivery note, they would consciously not to deliver the goods to us,  and setting rejection at their system. (this situation was caused by courier could not get right shipping mark from shipper, return the goods back to shipper)
  6. The goods is not belong our customers, courier send to wrong address. "Reject"