as COVID pandemic and other situation goes worse caused Yunnan and Myanmar borders closed, many frontier ports in Yunnan to Myanmar closed, Mengding port, Ruili port, Nanshan port, Houqiao port, Zhangfeng port, Daluo port, Menglian port are closed, land lorry cross the frontier from Yunnan to Myanmar getting heavy impact, many cargo stuck at Ruili port, and other ports. trading is continually in needed, but transport is difficult.  The land truck cost from China to Myanmar before is very economy, as border closed causing ship cost increasing very high, urgent cargo use air freight pay high cost, and some cargo not in urgent need use sea freight, paying lesser freight, but sea freight lead time is getting too long, almost more than 40 days reach to Yangon, DJcargo has now designed a new route for customers to choose, We ship Myanmar cargo together with our Thailand cargo by truck to Bangkok, then from Bangkok to Yangon, the cost is more economy than air freight, and a little bit higher than sea freight, but timing in total is about 15 days.

China ship to Myanmar new route
China ship to Myanmar new route

China to Myanmar land lorry new route

1. Customers purchase cargo and letting vendor send to DJcargo warehouse

2. All goods arrive to our warehouse, double checklist, repacking, customer provide packing list and delivery info

3. DJcargo load cargo into container, truck to Guangxi frontier, does export customs work

4. Cross truck container to Vietnam -->Laos -->Thailand, Bangkok

5. Bangkok warehouse devanning, distinguish cargo

6. Bangkok warehouse transit cargo to truck vehicle to Yangon

7. Cargo reach to Yangon warehouse, devanning, distinguish cargo

8. Dispatch cargo to relevant consignee

Guangzhou warehouse to Bangkok lead time is about 7 days, Bangkok to Yangon is about 6 days, total lead time is about 15 days