Forklift, rooter, farm vehicle, electric vehicle and those non road vehicle import to Malaysia are not need special import permit. road vehicle import is required to apply import permit. shipping forklift we are able to handle all documents for export and import customs works, and handle LCL shipping loading and unloading, as well as local delivery in Malaysia.

Forklift no need make wooden case, or palletized, and even no need to use wrap shrink to pack, just let it naked, lock the vehicle in container make sure it not move inside, and also make sure the weight in balance in container.


OverseasMalaysian citizens that are eligible to apply:

Government officials working or studying overseas (at least obtained a diploma).

Malaysian citizens working full time in a company/posted overseas for at least 1 year or studying overseas (except from Singapore and Brunei). Accompanying spouses or children are not eligible to apply for Import License.

Husband, wife and children of Government officials and staff of home-based offices working at Malaysian Representatives office overseas.

Conditions that need to be fulfilled to qualify for an Import License for a private motor vehicle:

Residing overseas legally for a period of not less than one (1) year.

Vehicle must be registered under the applicant’s name for a period of not less than nine (9) months (from the date of vehicle registration to the date of return to Malaysia).

Vehicle must be insured under the applicant’s name for a period of not less than nine (9) months (from the date of car insured to the date of return to Malaysia).

Applicant must have a valid driving license.

A learner/temporary driving license is not acceptable.

Returned to Malaysia permanently.

Apply within 3 months from the date of return to Malaysia .

Applicant must submit the application together with a certified copy of the following documents:


Working or studying visa overseas. Dependent visa are not entitled or allowed to apply. (Except Government officials posted overseas).

Identity card.

Letter of offer to work or study overseas.

Letter of job termination or completion of study.

Malaysian driving license.

Approval letter to study overseas from the sponsor of the scholarship or loan.

Certificate of Registration of the Vehicle overseas.

Insurance Certificate of the Vehicle overseas.

Purchase Invoice of the Vehicle overseas.

Completed and typed Customs Form JK69.

Boarding pass/flight ticket back to Malaysia.