China to Malaysia freight service

一.  Requirement

Cargo type; different cargo has different export/import requirements, and its shipping cost also different
Quotation is based on common cargo, sensitive cargo cost, the cargo undefined powders, liquid, drugs, alcoholic drinking, tobacco, porn disk,  porn print works, fire works, and precious metals...etc are not allowed to ship. (any misled and hidden applied cargo )

Freight price; the right way of shipping a cargo from China to Malaysia you would get confirmed of the price before conducting the shipment, as freight cost always keep floating up and down (each cbm limited weight is 500 kg)
Shipment conduct; as long as confirmed a series factors of shipping, then we handle the shipment, booking, loading, shipping, customs works and delivery...etc.
Packaging; fragile goods do must making proper packaging before shipping, if goods in poor packaging, any domages caused during shipping process would get no compensate.

二. Delivery

any mode of shipping for global freight, destination delivery only sign at right address ground floor, not offering move to upper floor, if need, consignee would negotiate with delivery man.
over weight cargo, consignee has facilities to unload the cargo from vehicle, any condition of the cargo delivery by using special vehicle, consignee would take the cost.
freight cost can be paid upon delivery at local currency, the amount and exchange rate must confirmed first

三. Compensation rules

inferior packaging caused damage, unable to compensate, goods lost can be compensate triple for freight of  lost goods. claim compensation must provide proofs

China to Malaysia freight price

China to Malaysia door to door freight cost
Region City Sea Freight Lead time Air Freight above 10kg Lead Time
West Malaysia Kuala Lumpur 650 RMB / CBM 12-15 days 1st 80RMB 2nd 40RMB / KG 28 RMB / KG 5 - 7 days
West Malaysia Johor, Penang, Kuantan, Malacca 700 RMB / CBM 15 - 20 days 1st 85RMB 2nd 45RMB / KG 30 RMB / KG 5 - 7 days
East Malaysia Kuching 900 / CBM 15 - 20 days 1st 90RMB 2nd 50RMB / KG 35 RMB / KG 5 - 7 days
East Malaysia KK 1300 / CBM 15 - 20 days 1st 100 RMB 2nd 55RMB / KG 40 RMB / KG 5 - 7 days


Export using shipper's file to do independent customs works, charge 1500 RMB per shipment, cost should be paid by shipper, not consignee, by air freight charge 600 RMB per shipment. export from HK charge 800 RMB per shipment.

Volumetric weight is divide 6000 / courier divide 5000

Air shipping handle from Monday to Saturday

Midway change address charge 20RMB per shipment

Redelivery charge 100 rmb per shipment