Use DJcargo service to ship your cargo, you should know the freight cost first, and the shipping procedure. learn the procedure of shipping from China to Malaysia and compare the price with others,  studying that our process whether meet your need. many disputes happens by price misled, or procedure unclear. if you start shipping by getting lower price, you may fall into trap, bad experience would make have you terrible mood. any jobs, deals, business must know its essential operating principle, confront with it carefully,  at least clearly.  DJcargo willing to explain to our customer whole procedure with every step details. sufficient communication and brightly handling to clients knowing the real status

  1. First, if you don't know how much you should pay for the shipment, you could go to our price checking system to get estimated cost, lead time, and procedure, or you could consult with our CS representative for the details.
  2. Before LCL shipment conducting, we will let customer know our warehouse address in China, and set a unique shipping mark to customer. then you purchase goods from online shop or somewhere else, forwarding DJcargo address and shipping mark to your vendors in China, while the they will ship the commodities to our warehouse.  you set our address to your taobao address as below
    代收货人:MY****仓库收货电话:13660653619地址设置;中国大陆:广东省 广州市 白云区  嘉禾新科新科下村麦崧头东街4号MY****



  3. After you have done address setting, you can purchase the commodities and vendor should send goods to DJcargo warehouse by courier, land lorry...other vehicles methods. (in China online shopping small items normally offer free courier delivery to our warehouse, some big items, the vendor may charge delivery fee, but sometime China domestic shipping fee is already included in the purchasing cost depends on the way you negotiate, no need bargain with vendor for the delivery fee, asking vendor try as possible as them could to give you a discount, the lesser you paid, the lower quality of goods you may get一分价钱一分货)
  4. When parcel delivered to DJcargo warehouse, the staffs would measure the packages' dimension, weight, and record into inventory system. customers can register an account and login to check how many goods we have received, and manage shipment in very easy and simple way, using WeChat public account to login, you can receive auto reminder from WeChat of  handling for every step, till the packages delivered to your doorstep.  learn how to register an account

    WeChat register an account
    WeChat register an account


  5. When all your goods arrive into our warehouse, we should confirm with customers before arrange cargo shipping. (LCL consolidation shipping, 集运 we don't know how many goods customers actually buy, so customers must confirm us total packages, confirm shipping order to us, then we arrange shipping)
  6. Before we make the cargo shipping, customer must send us goods packing list and oversea consignee info (shipping cargo from one country to another must do export and import customs work, the packing list is import and necessary, consignee info is to us to make a delivery sheet. you can login our inventory system and fill down packing list, or send to our CS email or send to relevant CS representative through QQ. WhatsApp, WeChat... )
  7. Loading, export paper work, customs work, sea shipping, air freight, arrival customs declaration, devanning, delivery whole procedure by DJcargo (We will issue invoice to customer to collect freight cost before make delivery)

How to make payment

We offer multiple freight payment methods to customer to option. you can oversea TT to our account in China, you can use western union to make TT. you can send freight payment through WeChat, Alipay, or you can pay to our Malaysia company account.

We normally collect freight when goods ship out, finance will issue invoice to customer to collect freight before cargo delivery. learn more details about payment method

Shipping duration

We always sharing experience to our customers about shipping time with different shipping method, never hide customers about operational steps, price, transit time, and real situation to get business. international shipping has many complicated steps, some external steps may causing shipment delay, and those steps are uncontrolled, such as bad weather, peak season, carrier itself schedule change, customs release delayed...etc. all we could do is using our experience to make internal work high efficiency.  making adequately communication with customers is necessary.

How does China warehouse work

China warehouse safe and clean, every corner has video surveillance, and 12 cats as safeguard to drive the rats away.

our warehouse workers hand every cargo with care, heavy cargo free forklift unload, and free unload cargos from vehicles, measure the cargos dimension, weight and record to inventory system

when cargo ready to ship, we would prepare the cargo to ship according to checklist that customers purchased,  check the packaging if its need repacking or not, palletized or not, making wooden case or not...

each time loading the container has to confirm then lock
loading container and lock

How does Malaysia warehouse work

Normally, the next day when vessel leave China port sailing to Malaysia, China office should send all necessary documents of the container we loaded to Malaysia office. So, sometime container in vessel not yet reach to port of Kalang, our Malaysia office would receive arrival notice which sending by vessel company,(likes COSCO, WANHAI, OOCL, NYK...these called vessel company).  then MY office clerks would start to do customs declaration, as long as vessel reach to port, we often finished customs declaration and paid duty. just waiting PSA release the container, then we can arranging a truck to haulage container from port to KL warehouse doing devanning and delivery.