It is not complicated for Chinese immigrants to move to Canada. Many immigrant clients we have served often ask whether immigrants can apply for tax exemption when moving cargo to Canada. The answer is yes, of course, you can, but there are many considerations that must be done in accordance with the requirements, otherwise, even new immigrants would not be able to apply for tax exemption during customs clearance. New immigrants can enjoy duty-free customs clearance for their used furniture and household goods, but not for newly purchased furniture. If you have purchased furniture for more than six months and keep the purchase invoice, it can be used as proof of tax exemption. Usually, 90% of the new immigrants' moves are shipped by sea, then cleared through customs, and then delivered to their new home address.

The Maple Leaf Card for new immigrants to Canada has a one-time duty-free policy for bringing goods to Canada. When you arrive in Canada by air, you should pay special attention to the declaration of non-accompanied goods when you register for entry. At this time, you can fill out the declaration of furniture and household goods that need to be moved to Canada from your home in China and get the entry form receipt from customs as a duty-free declaration of shipping. Any new immigrant who imports moving cargo to Canada must go to the customs for an interview in person. The interview will also be very simple. If you are inconvenient to attend the interview, our company can also apply for an interview waiver.

How to Clear Customs in Inland Cities? The port of entry in the western region is Vancouver, and the port of entry in the eastern region is Toronto. What about customs clearance if the new immigrant's new home address is in Regina, Calgary, Winnipeg, and other inland cities? This is not difficult. If the client's new home is in Calgary, our company will directly book the space to Calgary, transfer the goods from Vancouver to Calgary by inbond, and then carry out customs clearance and interview. This saves the client from having to fly to Vancouver for an interview in person.

Canada immigration shipping for tax and duty exemptions
Canada immigration shipping for tax and duty exemptions

Moving transport for Canadian immigration

Immigrants moving are mostly transported by ocean. If the volume of cargo is relatively large, the FCL method will be used for shipment, and if the volume of cargo is relatively small, the LCL method will be used. Regardless of the method, the process is rough as follows:


  1. Warehousing: Customers can purchase in retail stores or online, and after purchase, they will be delivered to our warehouse through domestic logistics.
  2. Organize the cargos: after the cargos arrive, check the cargos information according to the customer's goods list and notify the tracking number.
  3. Cargo discharge: according to the shipping company's shipping schedule, arrange cargo loading, customs declaration, and container export by sea.
  4. Arrival of the cargos at the destination port: our company will handle all the customs clearance documents and arrange customs clearance of cargos.
  5. Delivery of cargos: After customs release, we will make an appointment with the recipient by phone for delivery time and deliver to your home (to be delivered to the door).
  6. Some requirements for fumigation of wood furniture: wood packaging shall not contain bark and mold. Fumigated cargo must be shown in detail on the fumigation certificate.


Note: There will be no damage to the goods after fumigation, there will be a little odor (usually dissipate after 5 days), and the customs will repatriate or destroy the goods without fumigation treatment and impose a fine.


Packaging requirements for sea freight to Canada

First, it is necessary to prepare the transportation packaging. Furniture is also a kind of fragile goods. It is inevitable that there will be collisions during transportation. The packaging must be well handled. Iron should be wrapped in pearl cotton; Wooden should be packed with a wooden frame; If it is too heavy, we recommend using a pallet jack, When packing wood, you must pay attention to the material, and choose plywood; There cannot be wooden boxes in the wooden box packaging. There should be no bark, wormhole, or mildew in the wooden case, otherwise, the destination country will return the shipment with a huge fine.


Required documents

The applicant's passport, Immigration Visa or Maple Leaf card, cargo list, delivery address, and customs clearance signature.